Metal plus offers elegant and sophisticated aluminum gates that provide clean and artistic design. This beautifies your entrance, limits unauthorized access with an uninterrupted view of the street. Installing our aluminum gates allows you joyfully watch your kids play in the garden, monitor your employee, and even what the street looks like without moving an inch. We have a wide collection of designs that will fit into just any space.Before any work, our team of engineers and fabricators utilize top-notch tools to design the product based on specifications to improve quality and reduce fabrication time. We don’t care if it is a small sheet or metal bracket; our team of experts is always ready to provide the same level of effectiveness and dedication. With over 20 years of combined staff experience in meeting customer needs, Metal Plus understands how best to maneuver every aluminum sheet to produce the best gates for your residential and commercial locations.

Metal Plus prides itself in the production of highly professional and well-fabricated types of aluminum gates including:

Driveway Gates

These are always the focal point of your commercial or residential boundary line. It offers a supreme curb of appeal and security, thus complementing the beauty of your home or office. Our collection of Driveway gates at Metal Plus combines an extremely durable but affordable material to provide an added layer of security while beautifying the environment. Our driveway gates send a message of class, elegance, and security.

Pedestrian Gates

When it comes to quality and craftsmanship, Metal Plus is one of the best companies to attain such a height. Our experience in making exceptional pedestrian gates comes in handy in meeting your needs with total concentration. Our group of engineers and design experts at Metal Plus understand that a sturdy and beautifully designed pedestrian gate is one of the best ways to improve safety and security while curbing an appeal for your home.

Our Product Qualities

A. Customization

Every aluminum product at Metal Plus comes with detailed customization to fit into its intended purpose. With our group of skilled engineers, you gain access to specific designs for each project. Every finished work is a masterpiece and made to customer satisfaction

B. Easy installation and maintenance

As detailed and complicated as our aluminum gate designs could ever be, we go the extra mile to ensure that every project is easy to install and maintain. This is to save costs and improve durability.

C. Durability

Metal Plus scouts the market for the best raw materials to provide continuous years of little to no maintenance. Our collection of aluminum gates are resistant to attack from severe weather conditions and more. All we need is for you to sit back and relax after every installation.

Our Latest Gates Projects in Greater Vancouver Area