Railings come in handy in the provision of safety and code compliance in athletic facilities, hotels, homes, and businesses. Unlike what is easily obtainable in the market, our aluminum railings add a touch of class and elegance to your finishing. We make sure each project is built to project specifications for the best railing solutions.

With our collection of sophisticated but elegant aluminum railings, you are sure of a clean and world-class design with a high level of functionality and durability. Metal Plus understands the need for a perfect railing to provide safe and code compliance in both residential and commercial buildings. Our collection of aluminum railings can fit into any location to add a touch of perfect finishing to any new build or remodel. We ensure that each project is custom built to customer specifications.

Metal Plus aluminum railings have a proven record in offering top-rated railing services in the following areas:

Glass Railings

Capture the perfect view of the sunrise or sunset on your patio with our glass railings. Our collection of aluminum glass railings gives you a sense of security by allowing you to have a perfect view of your children as they play on the down floor or monitor the movement of your employees. Your home deserves a touch of class, and that is why we exist.

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Exterior Railings

High-quality and custom-designed decorative aluminum railings may be hard to come by. In most cases, they are not affordable. We are well aware of these challenges; that is why our team of experts is ready to give you the best at an affordable rate. Our exterior railings are configured to meet all client specifications. We pay attention to details because your satisfaction is our concern.

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Our Product Qualities

A. Customization

Every railing product at Metal Plus comes with detailed customization to fit into its intended purpose. With our group of skilled engineers, you gain access to specific designs for each project. Every finished work is a masterpiece and made to customer satisfaction

B. Easy installation and maintenance

As detailed and complicated as our aluminum railing designs could ever be, we go the extra mile to ensure that every project is easy to install and maintain. This is to save costs and improve durability.

C. Durability

Metal Plus scouts the market for the best raw materials to provide continuous years of little to no maintenance. Our collection of aluminum railings are resistant to attack from severe weather conditions and more. All we need is for you to sit back and relax after every installation.

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