At Metal Plus, our staircases exude the highest level of quality and provide a functional design for your family, friends, and guests to comfortably and safely get around your home. We custom build staircases based on the specific dimensions of each stair needed, provide a design that fits well with your home’s unique aesthetic elements, and create a style that is safe and usable for the entire family from young children to older adults.

A staircase can, when done well, be a main focal point in any room. It can dominate a space like no other element can, so choosing a well-built, well-crafted, and beautifully designed staircase is essential for bringing together the entire design of your home. Whether you ultimately choose glass, iron, spiral staircase, or a regular staircase, we can give you what your home, business, or property needs.

Our Product Qualities

A. Customization

Every aluminum product at Metal Plus comes with detailed customization to fit into its intended purpose. With our group of skilled engineers, you gain access to specific designs for each project. Every finished work is a masterpiece and made to customer satisfaction

B. Easy installation and maintenance

As detailed and complicated as our aluminum fence designs could ever be, we go the extra mile to ensure that every project is easy to install and maintain. This is to save costs and improve durability.

C. Durability

Metal Plus scouts the market for the best raw materials to provide continuous years of little to no maintenance. Our collection of aluminum gates are resistant to attack from severe weather conditions and more. All we need is for you to sit back and relax after every installation.